Project Management – Structural Funds Department (DMPFS)

Project Management – Structural Funds Department (DMPFS) 2016-10-12T15:26:27+00:00


Phone: +40 232 20 1102, int 2350
Address: Str. Lascăr Catargi, nr. 54, RO-700107 – Iaşi


The Project Management – Structural Funds Department was estabilished in accordance with the decision of the University Senate board no. 41A/27.03.2008. The Department is being organised and acts according to the Education Law’s provisions no. 84/1995 republished in 1999, of the EGO no. 75/2005, of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University’s Charta and of the Senate’s decisions.

The Department has as mission to contribute to the accomplishment of the objectives enshrined in the Strategical Plan of the University related to the institutional development, to the diversification of education and training programmes, in accordance with the labour market and with the challenges of the knowledge society. In this view its staff tries to access the Structural Funds and other national, European and international programmes end is actively involved in the development of the financing projects: application forms, budget, logical framework matrix, annexes etc. At the same time the department staff initiates all diligences for constantly and promptly inform about the funding programmes: new calls for proposals, information and training sessions, modification of the funding conditions, evaluation’s results etc.