Tourism at the Eastern Border of the EU. Interdisciplinary Training for Tour Guides

The ultimate survival kit to guide you through the jungle of Tourism’s best-kept secrets

Overview: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi offers this 2-week module to students from all over the world who share a genuine passion for tour guiding.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, not only will you learn the theoretical fundamentals of tour guiding, but also how to deliver persuasive speeches, how to master effective information recollection techniques, how to improvise and instill enthusiasm, how to mingle with the locals. During the first week, you will learn the essentials of Tourism, whereas during the second, you will have the opportunity to
choose between Social Sciences and Hard Sciences, thus tackling topics which best suit your background and interests.

If you are a student or a graduate who aims at building a career in the touring industry, or a professional already practicing in this field you are invited to join us!

Number of contact hours: 69 

Hands-on practice (trips): 2 + 2 days

Assessment method(s): Written test (80% multiple choice and 20% open answers)

Contact (module coordinator):  Lecturer dr. Mihai Bulai (


Lectures(L), workshops(W) and field activities (FA)

  • Tourism in EU peripheral and cross-border areas. (L)
  • Facial emotions recognition: a professional skill (W)
  • Principles of the Geography of Tourism (L)
  • Computational Instruments for Geolocation (L)
  • Make your own maps with free/open source Geographic Information Systems (W)
  • History of Romania, Moldavia and the City of Iași (L)
  • Tourism Marketing principles. Creation of Travel Packages. Advertising and Sales Promotions (L)
  • Guided tour of the city: „Iași – Romanian Capital of Culture” (FA)
  • Capitalization of communist legacy – a chance for sustainable reconciliation between past and present (L)
  • Cultural Branding (L)
  • Nicolae Domnesc Orthodox Church and Iași Catholic Cathedral (FA)
  • Safety & Security, First Aid, Hygiene, Allergies, Vertigo (L)
  • Stone identification and workshop on Rare precious & semi-precious stones (L)
  • Introduction in kayaking (FA)
  • Field trip to Northern Moldavian region, in Northeastern Romania (FA)
  • Tour guide tasks & techniques (L)
  • Interpretation of architecture by Tour Guides (L)
  • Wine tasting techniques (W)
  • Weather forecast for tour guides: from reading the sky to smartphone applications (L)
  • Structure of a tourist guide commentary (spiel)
  • Visit of Palace of Culture, the Former Princiary Palace of Moldavia (FA)
  • Astronomy & Sky Map reading. (L)
  • Sky interpretation at Planetarium (W)
  • How to use your body language as a tour guide (L)
  • Communism Architecture and Urban Planning interpretation – Tramway ride in Iași (FA)
  • Birdwatching and Ecotourism principles. Plants and birds’ diversity