Dear International Students,

In response to the outspread of the new Coronavirus, a state of emergency was declared in Romania on Monday, 16 March, which will last for 30 days (unless it will be extended, depending on how things evolve). The Romanian President’s decree for a nationwide state of emergency stipulates, among other things, that during this period, in-person courses in all educational institutions are suspended. As a consequence, the in-person course suspension in UAIC is implicitly extended until the state of emergency ends. As you have already been informed by the Professors from your Faculty, the courses are held online during this period.

You may have found out that going out on the streets (anywhere and for whichever reason) at night, between 10 PM and 6 AM has now been forbidden by the authorities (very few people are exempted from this rule: doctorss, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, the military).

It is also forbidden to go outside during daytime, unless you have a really justifiable reason: shopping for food and other essentials, from shops located close by, going to the doctor’s office in case you need immediate medical assistance (for anything other than COVID symptoms, of course) etc. In case you have any of the COVID symptoms (high fever, dry cough, fatigue), please call 112.

If you go out for supplies, try and buy what you need in bulk, for several days, from shops located near the current residence. Make sure you have your residence permit and the UAIC student ID card with you at all time. When you go outside, it is advisable for you to wear a new protection mask and gloves.

You also need to have with you a written statutory declaration mentioning your full name, the address where you are currently living, the hours when you are leaving your domicile, the reason why you left your residence/the place you are living. A bilingual model of the statutory declaration may be downloaded here.

In case you are on the street and a Romanian police/ army officer stops you, you need to present your residence permit and your UAIC student ID, show the written statutory declaration and explain the reason why you left your residence/the place you are living, if required.

Take good care of yourselves, stay cautious and optimistic! When you are indoors, remember to enjoy the little things, which are, in fact, essential!

If you have further questions, you can send an email message to