Prestige, Innovation, Excellence


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. Since 1860, the university has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research. With over 24.000 students and 716 academic staff, the university enjoys high prestige at national and international level and cooperates with  504 universities world-wide. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University is a member of some of the most important university networks and associations: the Coimbra GroupEUA – European University AssociationUtrecht NetworkInternational Association of UniversitiesUniversity Agency of Francophony and the Network of Francophone Universities (RUFAC). These partnerships offer us the opportunity to experience changes, to have student and teacher mobilities and joint academic, research and strategy programmes.


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University became the first student-centered university in Romania, once the Bologna Process was implemented. We believe in the power of individual choice and customized education. Thus, we became the first Romanian university to offer students the opportunity to choose both a major and a minor field of study, in a combination at their choice, that best suits their career goals.


Research at our university is top level. In 2008, for the third year in a row, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University was placed first in the national research ranking compiled on the basis of Shanghai criteria. Our teachers are involved in over 187 national and international research projects. Striving for excellence, the university takes unique initiatives to stimulate research quality, to encourage dynamic and creative education and to involve its best students in academic life.

University facts and figures

Academic Year 2021-2022

Total number of students:  25 587:

  • Bachelor studies (full time and distance learning): 18 870
  • Master studies (full time and distance learning): 5 607
  • Doctoral studies (full time and distance learning): 966

Total number of students, distributed on faculties:

  • Biology: 894
  • Chemistry: 319
  • Law and  Center for European Studies: 2 143
  • Economy and Business Administration: 7 863
  • Sports: 1 087
  • Philosophy: 2 593
  • Physics: 347
  • Geography and Geology: 1 231
  • Computer Science: 1 642
  • History: 604
  • Letters: 2 234
  • Mathematics: 575
  • Psychology and Education Sciences: 2 898
  • Orthodox Theology: 1 001
  • Roman-Catholic Theology: 156

Teaching staff: 741

International Cooperation

Academic year 2020-2021

  • Bilateral agreements Erasmus with 630 universities from 68 countries
  • Foreign Erasmus Students: 144
  • Romanian Erasmus students: 364
  • Romanian Erasmus trainees: 341
  • Romanian teaching staff: 21
  • Romanian staff trainees: 48


  1. Competitiveness Operational Program (POC), AP1, Action 1.2.3 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: 1 project, PRIVATESKY for short
  2. Nationally funded research projects

        II.a) Research – Development and Innovation National Plan for 2015-2020 – PNCDI III:

         P1. Development of the national R&D system

1.1 SUBPROGRAM – Human Resources – 103 projects

1.2 SUBPROGRAM – Institutional Performance – 6 projects

         P3. European and international cooperation – Romania-France bi-lateral projects (Brâncuși Program for integrated                           actions): 5 projects

         P4. Fundamental and border research – 16 projects

         P5. Research in areas of strategic interest

5.2 SUBPROGRAM – Participation to international research programs and units in relation to atomic and subatomic fields EURATOM-RO FUSION  and CERN –RO (3 projects)

5.3 SUBPROGRAM – Research, development and innovation program for space technology and advanced research – STAR, 2 RDI projects

         II.b) FDI 2019 Institutional Development Fund, Area 6: Supporting excellence of research within                                     universities – 1 project

         II.c) Ministry of Labour and Social Justice: research and development sectoral plan (2018 – 2020) 2                               projects

         3. Internationally funded projects

              European Commission Programs

Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation programme: 7 projects, where 3 in progress.

Programme COST -European Cooperation in Science and Technology: 21 actions

DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Social Affairs: 1 project

DG Justice and Consumers: 1 project

              Other international programs:

              Cooperation projects between IUCN Dubna, Russia and Romanian institutes: 6 research topics

Cooperation projects between Romania and Belarus (under AR): 2 projects

Cooperation projects between Romania and Korea: 2 projects

           4. Subsidiary contract for the implementation of the project „National electronic access to scientific literature                      to support research and education system in Romania – ANELIS PLUS 2020”.

           5. UAIC Grants – 10 grants

           6. Third party contracts – 3 contracts


Total number of projects for which funding have been obtained under Romanian Secondary Education Project (ROSE) counts 23 (2017-2019), where:

  • Non-competitiveness Grant Scheme for universities (SGNU): 13 projects where 3 in 2017 (round 1) and 10 in 2019 (round 2).
  • Competitiveness Grant Scheme for universities – Summer programmes (SGCU-PV): 9 projects where 1 in 2017 (round 1) and 8 in 2019 (round 2).
  • Competitiveness Grant Scheme for universities – Learning Centres (SGCU-CI): 1 project in 2017 (round 2).

Total amount for projects funded under Romanian Secondary Education Project (ROSE) counts 11.485.867 RON.

Total number of projects for which funding have been obtained under Institutional Development Fund (IDF) counts 6 projects (in 2019), where:

  • Domain 1: Increase social equity with a view to social inclusion and boost access to higher education while correlating educational offer to the offer of the labour market (including counselling and career guidance): 1 project.
  • Domain 2: Internationalisation of the Romanian higher education system: 1 project.
  • Domain 3: Providing for proper functioning to university botanical gardens, didactic centres, practical training facilities and other infrastructures to support teaching within universities: 1 project.
  • Domain 4: To support student entrepreneurial societies (SAS) within universities: 1 project.
  • Domain 5: To improve the quality of teaching while complying with academic ethics and deontology: 1 project.
  • Domain 6: To support research of excellence within universities: 1 project.

Total amount of projects having been funded under Institutional Development Fund (IDF) counts 2.075.204 RON.

Projects having been funded under European Structural and Investment Funds  during the programming period 2014 – 2020:

  • Regional Operational Programme (POR): 1 project as a beneficiary (total amount of the project: 17.478.080,59 RON).
  • Operational Programme for Human Capital (POCU): 3 projects where 1 as a beneficiary (total amount of the project: 6.877.908,86 RON) and 2 as a partner.
  • Fishery and Maritime Operational Programme (POPAM): 1 project as a beneficiary (total amount of the project: 553.876,16 RON).
  • Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity (POCA): 1 project as a partner.

Projects having been funded under the Development and Investment Fund: 1 project on rehabilitation, refurbishment and modernisation of the House of Academic Staff (total amount of the project: 10.720.905 RON).

  • 15 student hostels
  • 3 student canteens