22, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO – 700505
Telephone: + 40 (232) 201070
Fax: + 40 (232) 201470

Dean: Professor PhD Cristina Teodora ROMAN
Teaching staff: 126
Associate teaching staff: 171
Students: 7 129

ECTS Study Guide


econimie 2 


Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)

  • Economics
    • Economics and Finance (in English)
  • Business Administration
    • Business Administration (also taught in English)
    • Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services
    • Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services (Balti, Republic of Moldova)
    • Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services (Piatra-Neamț)
  • Finances
    • Finance and Banking
  • Accounting
    • Accounting and Management Information System/
  • Cybernetics, Statistics and Economical Informatics
    • Statistics and economical forecasting
    • Economical Informatics
  • Economics and International Affairs
    • Economics and International Affairs
  • Management
    • Management
  • Marketing
    • Marketing
  • Administration Sciences
    • Public Administration

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Business Administration
    • Business Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Commerce Management
    • Project Management
    • Tourism Management
    • Tourism Management (Bălți)
    • Tourist and Hotel Management
  • Economical Informatics
    • Business Information Systems
    • Software development and business information systems (in English)
  • Cybernetics and statistics
    • Statistics and Econometry
    • Statistics and Actuarial Affairs in Insurances and Health
    • Data mining
  • Accounting
    • Accounting, expertise and audit
    • Accounting Information Systems
    •  Business Accounting
    • Accounting, diagnostics and evaluation
  •  Economics
    • Economics and business law (Interdisciplinary in  Law)
    • Master of Research in Economics and Business (Interdisciplinary in Business Administration)
    • Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • Economics and International Affairs
    • Economics and International Affairs
    • Risk Management in International Business
    • International Affairs and Intercultural Strategies
  • Finances
    • Finance – Insurance
    • Banks and Financial Markets
    • Finance and Risk Management (English)
    • Financial Administration and Audit in Public Institutions
  • Management
    • Intercultural Management
    • Organization Management
    • Management and Human Resource Development
    • Procurement, Supply-chain and Logistics
    • Human Resource Management
    •  Strategic Management of Human Resources in Europe (in English)
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Analysis and Strategy
    •  Marketing and Business Communication
    • Negociations – Public Relations
    • Marketing management (in English)
  • Administration Sciences
    • Public Administration
    • Modern Governing and Local Development

Doctoral School:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Cybernetics and Statistics
  • International Economic Relations

economie 1

About the faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași is one of the most dynamic faculties in terms of educational  programmes, number of students, academic staff qualification and quality of facilities. Although the faculty  became part of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași no earlier than 1962, the tradition of higher education in Economics started in Iasi in 1843, with the first political economics  lecture  delivered by Ion Ghica at Academia Mihăileană.

Through its 11 undergraduate degree  programmes, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers its students good opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in a large number of professions in economics, business administration and public administration. The faculty also offers a  large number of both full-time and part-time professional master’s degree  programmes, as well as doctoral programmes in economics and business administration.

The faculty has a particularly good reputation, and a degree in Economics from FEBA is considered an asset on the labour market due to the high standards of academic quality and performance. Knowledge society, the digital economy and globalization offer the economists a privileged position, as shown by the latest statistical analyses in the countries of the European Union.

Student Associations – The Economist Students’ Association and AIESEC – add vitality to students’ life by organizing events and scientific, educational and cultural projects, and by giving them  the feeling of belonging to a global learning environment, while providing them with international experience and leadership opportunities.

In recent years, FEBA has experienced important quantitative and qualitative changes and succeded in building a good reputation in Romanian higher education in EconomicsThe internationalization of economic education has been a constant concern. The Faculty offers two Bachelor Degree Programmes in English (Business Administration and Economics and Finance) and four Master Degree Programmes (Finance and Risk Management, Software Development and Business Information Systems, Marketing Management, Strategic Human Resource Management in Europe) in English; an increasing number of students participate in the ERASMUS+ mobility programme.

The faculty aims to continue its development and to ensure its continuous change in the following years, in accordance with the values of the 21st century and of the knowledge society. The Faculty aims to strengthen its social position and to heighten its achievements in education and research in the field of Economic Sciences and Business Administration.


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