Faculty of Mathematics

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11, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO – 700506
Telephone: +40 232 20 1060; 20 1061
Fax: +40 (232) 201160
E-mail: admmath@uaic.ro
Website: http://www.math.uaic.ro

Dean: Professor PhD Răzvan-Dinu LIȚCANU
Teaching staff: 39
Associate teaching staff: 8
Students: 455
ECTS Study Guide


  • Department of Mathematics

 Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)

  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematics (also taught in English)
    • Mathematics – Computer Science

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Mathematics

    • Fundamental Mathematical Structures
    • Mathematical Models and Applied Statistics
    • Financial Mathematics
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Scientific Calculus and Software Engineering
    • Research Degree in Mathematics
    • Teaching Mathematics
    • Mathematics Education and Research
    • Applied Mathematics (in English)

Doctoral School:

  • Exact sciences/Mathematics:
  • Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Mechanics
  • Geometry

 About the faculty

The Faculty of Mathematics has been functioning in Iaşi since 1860, since the foundation of the University. First, it was a department of the Philosophy Faculty, then of the Faculty of Science, becoming afterwards an autonomous institution.

Important research directions have been conducted by top Romanian scientific personalities, academicians, present or former teachers: Al. Myller, O. Mayer, C. Popovici, S. Sanielevici, D. Mangeron, G. Vrânceanu, G. Moisil, M. Haimovici, C. Corduneanu, R. Miron, V. Barbu, D. Ieşan. Three members of the Romanian Academy are teaching at the Mathematics Faculty of Iaşi.

At present, the Faculty has numerous specialists recognized both nationally and internationally. Moreover, many teachers or faculty graduates collaborate as visiting professors or employees at prestigious universities and research institutes from the USA (Princeton, Berkeley, IBM, Microsoft), France, Canada, Italy, Germany etc. The high quality specialized education is also attested by the 100 doctor diplomas obtained by Romanian students from the Faculty of Mathematics at top European and American universities: Cambridge University, Ecole Normale Supérieure-Paris, Université Paris VI, Université Paris XI, Université de Pau, Princeton University, Massachussets Institute of Technology, Duke University, Michigan University etc.

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