The Administration Council , made up of the members of executive Board and the Deans of the Faculties, is usually monthly convoked for solving specific problems.

Name Position
Professor PhD Tudorel TOADER  Rector
Professor PhD Lucia CIFOR  Vice-rector for Undergraduate Studies and secondary   school teaching staff training activities
Professor PhD Ionel MANGALAGIU  Vice-rector for Scientific Research programs and     technology transfer
Professor PhD Corneliu IAȚU  Vice-rector for Strategy, Institutional Development and     Personnel
Professor PhD Mihaela ONOFREI  Vice-rector for Student  Affairs and Partnerships with the   Economic Environment
Associate Professor PhD Florin BRÎNZĂ  Vice-rector for MA and PhD Studies, Quality   Management  and UAIC extensions
Professor PhD Dan CRISTEA  Interim Director of the Council for Doctoral Studies
Costel Palade  General Manager
Associate Professor PhD Lăcrămioara Carmen IVĂNESCU  Dean, Faculty of Biology
Professor PhD Aurel PUI  Dean,  Faculty of Chemistry
Lecturer PhD Septimiu Vasile PANAINTE Dean, Faculty of  Law
Associate Professor PhD Ioan Constantin LIHACIU Dean, Faculty of Letters
Associate Professor PhD Beatrice Aurelia ABĂLAȘEI  Dean, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Professor PhD Teodora Cristina ROMAN  Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Professor PhD Conțiu Tiberiu ȘOITU  Dean, Faculty of Philosophy
Associate Professor PhD Sebastian Dumitru POPESCU  Dean, Faculty of Physics
Professor PhD Adrian GROZAVU  Dean,  Faculty of Geography and Geology
Associate Professor PhD  Adrian IFTENE  Dean, Faculty of Computer Science
Professor PhD Petronel ZAHARIUC  Dean, Faculty of History
Professor PhD Răzvan-Dinu LIȚCANU  Dean, Faculty of Mathematics
Associate Professor PhD Ștefan BONCU  Dean, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Professor PhD Rev. Ion VICOVAN  Dean, Faculty of Orthodox Theology
Associate Professor PhD Rev. Ștefan LUPU  Dean, Faculty of Roman- Catholic Theology
Stud. Tudor Mugurel AURSULESEI  Student representative