Phone: +40 232 20 1060
Address: Faculty of Mathematics, 11, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO – 700506


For the students of all faculties in Iași, who wish to acquire a better general knowledge in astronomy, the Planetarium can host organized groups (maximum 60 persons in a series) each Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.


The Planetarium allows the visualisation of the sky for any place or region on the surface of the Earth. The change in the aspect of the sky is assured by rotation systems which permit one complete rotation in aproximately 2 minutes, according to the 24 hours Earth circular movement. Several astronomic phenomena can be simulated, including Moon and Sun eclipses, ocultations of some stars by the Moon, some of the apparent movements of the planets, the Moon with it’s phazes, as well as some theoretical issues for astronomy courses in universities and highschools.
With the aid of auxiliary projectors, images outside the solar system can be projected, in which you can clearly notice that what we see as movement of the Sun, is in fact a consequence of the movement of the Earth.

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