Research resorts

  • “Prof. Dr. Ioan Borcea” Biological Sea Resort, Agigea

Founded in 1926 this resort has become one of the most active and well developed resorts from the Black Sea and a school for Romanian hidrobiology. Inside this resort there is one of the most interesting scientific reservations from Europe – “the Reservation of Sea Dune Plants” where one can find plants and animals characteristic of sand dunes.
The resort has 3 buildings in which there are research laboratories and laboratories for the practical period of students in Biology and Ecology, a Black Sea Museum, a library and rooms for students. The “Prof. dr. C. Motaş” motrorboat and other facilities allow students and researchers to thoroughly study sea ecosystems.During the year many activities can take place at Agigea: student camps, summer schools, creation camps etc.

  • The Resort for Research in Aquaculture and Water Ecology, Iaşi

In this resort there are research laboratories (in hidrochemistry, hidrobiology, piscicultural technology, nutrition, selection and improvement, fishing), a library, a center for controlled reproduction of fish (2800 m2), equipment for production of concentrated fish food and a piscicultural biobasis made up of 6 ponds in which there grow 16 species of fish, both native and acclimatised.
The resort has partners in equivalent institutions from Hungary, Italy, France, Moldavia etc

  • “Petre Jitariu” Biological Resort, Neamţ;
  • “Ion Gugiuman” Resort for Research and Students` Practical Period;
  • “Simion Mehedinţi” Resort for Research and Students` Practical Period, Tulnici.

Archaeological sites

  • The Archaeological Site from Târgu Frumos, Iaşi County;
  • The Archaeological Site from Isaiia, Răducăneni, Iaşi county;
  • The Archaeological Site from Siliştea, Neamţ County.