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Director of the Council for Doctoral Studies: Professor PhD Nicu GAVRILUŢĂ
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Doctoral programs represent the highest level of formal education, which emphasizes on independent research in a specific field, in collaboration with an experienced supervisor and under the guidance of a board which is responsible for running the PhD program. Doctoral programs prepare students for a career in research and/or highly qualified work in a number of professions. They are integrated with high quality research activities.

The overall activities of the Doctoral Schools are coordinated by CSUD (The Council for University Doctoral Studies), that also guides the activity of our Doctoral School Councils (CSD).

To qualify for a PhD program, applicants must hold a Master’s degree or a suitable equivalent qualification and they must pass a selection examination.

A doctoral degree is awarded after a period of study of at least three years, following the defense of an original doctoral thesis.

The administrative activities related to the PhD studies are carried out by the Office for Doctoral Studies:

At the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi there are a total of 14 doctoral schools covering 27 fields.

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