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Doctoral Schools Brochure

Doctoral programs represent the highest level of formal education, which emphasizes on independent research in a specific field, in collaboration with an experienced supervisor and under the guidance of a board which is responsible for running the PhD program. Doctoral programs prepare students for a career in research and/or highly qualified work in a number of professions. They are integrated with high quality research activities.

The overall activities of the Doctoral Schools are coordinated by CSUD (The Council for University Doctoral Studies), that also guides the activity of our Doctoral School Councils (CSD).

To qualify for a PhD program, applicants must hold a Master’s degree or a suitable equivalent qualification and they must pass a selection examination.

A doctoral degree is awarded after a period of study of at least three years, following the defense of an original doctoral thesis.

The administrative activities related to the PhD studies are carried out by the Office for Doctoral Studies:

At the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi there are a total of 14 doctoral schools covering 27 fields.

Doctoral Schools Doctoral domain
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Law Law
Economics and Business Administration Cybernetics and Statistics



Economics and International Affairs


Economic Informatics



Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences Philosophy



Political Sciences

Physics  Physics
Geosciences Geography


Environmental Sciences

Computer Science Computer Science
History History
Mathematics Mathematics
Psychology and Education Sciences Psychology

Education Sciences

Philological Studies Philology
Sport Science and Physical Education Sport Science and Physical Education
Theology Theology

Doctoral schools

The Doctoral School of Biology offers high-quality training in a wide range of life sciences areas such as molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, botany, zoology, animal and plant physiology. The program covers both theoretical and lab or field approaches and aims to pursue interdisciplinary topics and to develop essential skills for scientific research. Students are involved in research activities and projects together with the Faculty of Biology supervisors and members and also with other research groups belonging to international or national partner institutions. The main goal of the program is to prepare PhD students for a successful life sciences career in basic research or in industry and medicine.


Professor Marius STEFAN, PhD – Director, ,Tel.: +40 232201524

Mihaela Bucșă – Secretary, , Tel.: +40 232201072

The Doctoral School of Chemistry, at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, through its “curiosity-adventure-surprises” triangle, creates real premises for MSc graduate students to become known philosophers in science, good scientists and well prepared trained personnel for research and other professional careers in chemistry- and environmental-related sciences.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, runs doctoral program in Chemistry and offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in this research area for innovative, competitive and highly motivated students. Students applying for a doctoral program in Chemistry are expected to complete their PhD in three years.

Existent state-of-the-art equipment, highly involved in studying various chemical systems’ structures and dynamics, beside other facilities offered through the doctoral skills development program, guarantee to doctoral students the success of a PhD in Chemistry.            Integrity, honesty, rigor, transparency, open communication, care and respect principles are highly promoted within the Doctoral School of Chemistry.

Professors with highly standing achievements, with publications in prestigious ISI quoted international journals, are highly committed to ensuring the quality of the doctoral students’ research, fulfilling their expectations in professional skills development and employability.

The Doctoral School of Chemistry’s PhD Program is a research-oriented educational process supporting scientific training in the field of Analytical/Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry. Within these research areas significant contributions are brought in studying various systems at atomic and molecular level, creating new materials, developing experimental methods and theoretical tools, with the final aim to increase science and society benefits.


Professor Cecilia ARSENE, PhD Habil. – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201354

Angela VATRA – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201063

The activity of the Doctoral School of Computer Science is organized on research groups. Each research group is led by one PhD supervisor, has weekly seminars, and provides favorable conditions for research as well as a friendly atmosphere. The official languages are Romanian and English.


Professor Dan CRISTEA, PhD – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201542

Lavinia PÎRÎU – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232202329

The mission of our Doctoral School is to ensure a rigorous and nurturing research environment, in order to enable intellectual and professional development and to contribute to the evolution of the society through advanced research in various fields of Economics and Business Administration.

The three-year PhD degree program is organized on eight specializations (Accounting, Business Informatics, Cybernetics and Statistics, Economics, Economics and International Affairs, Finance, Management, Marketing), with one core semester – both compulsory and optional courses – which develop fundamental and applied research skills, as well as transversal competencies for integrative approaches and insights. We value open mindedness and honesty, critical thinking and academic rigour, cooperation and interdisciplinarity, proactive behaviors and community engagement.


Professor Adriana ZAIŢ, PhD – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201437  

Alina COŞULEANU – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201744  

The Doctoral School of Geosciences of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași is a multidisciplinary research system, in which professors and scientists, having the legal capability to supervise PhD theses and belonging to three different research areas (Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences), work together with PhD students. Our young scientists have full access to the existing infrastructure and database in the ARHEOINVEST (Interdisciplinary Research in Archaeology) and CERNESIM (Integrated Center for Studies in Environmental Science for Northeast Region). By means of Erasmus or bilateral project funding as well as POSDRU funding, the PhD students may work together with their colleagues and professors from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, etc. They have published scientific papers in the best journals and monographs by the most prestigious publishing houses: Springer, Elsevier, Willey, etc.


Professor Alexandra Raluca IORDAN, PhD -Director,, Tel.: +40 232201074

Maria REBEGEA – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201074

The Doctoral School of History continues the tradition of teaching and research of BA and Master’s studies cycles. The topics proposed by our PhD directors are diverse (Prehistory, Greek and Roman Studies, Medieval Studies, History of Mentalities, International Relationships, History of Communism). The PhD students are directly integrated in the Faculty’s research, by publications and participation in high-ranked conferences. The main goal of the doctoral studies at the Faculty of History is to encourage valuable research materialized by the defense and publication of our researchers’ theses. The main research field of our doctoral school is History and Cultural Studies.


Professor Lucreţiu-Ion BÎRLIBA, PhD – Director,  

Valeria MIHĂILĂ – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201056  

The doctoral studies lead to the achievement of the highest academic degree. At the Faculty of Law, the PhD studies aim at training jurists to become highly skilled, capable of contributing to the development of the science of law.

The PhD program promotes the development and deepening of thought and juridical analysis, being open to interdisciplinary approach.

With excellent educational opportunities, the Faculty of Law is a reliable partner of the Romanian legal system and aims to actively collaborate with the faculties of law and legal institutions of the European Union.


Professor Carmen Tamara UNGUREANU, PhD – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201682   

Dana-Mihaela PĂDURARIU – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201058

The PhD program in Mathematics is addressed to MSc graduate students with remarkable scientific background and strong motivation in conducting research activities.

The PhD supervisors are renowned specialists in their fields of expertise. Their research interests cover several modern directions in Mathematics. They have published scientific papers in the best mathematical journals and monographs by the most prestigious publishing houses: Springer Verlag, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Birkhauser, World Scientific, etc. Their scientific results have been cited thousands of times.

The research activity enjoys an important support from the “Al. Myller’’ Mathematical Seminar, one of the most complete mathematical libraries in Romania.


Professor Sebastian ANIȚA, PhD ,  

Carmen SAVIN – Secretary ,, Tel.: +40 232201060


Co-founder of the University, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology has been promoting academic relationships with the other faculties of our university as well as with other Theology faculties in Romania and abroad, following the example set by its academic patron, Dumitru Stăniloae, who promoted and cultivated the Romanian Orthodox Theology all over the world.

Fully responsible and aware of the role, place and importance of contemporary Romanian Orthodox Theology, the aim of our Faculty is to provide high quality education, deeply rooted in Biblical fundaments, as it was developed by patristic and post-patristic authors and cultivated by our illustrious predecessors, from a perspective that embraces religious, cultural and scientific dialogue.


Professor priest Gheorghe POPA, PHD, Director,, Tel.: +40 232202424

Priest Adrian CUCU – Secretary, secretar.ș , Tel.: +40 232202424

The domain in which the doctoral studies are held, i.e. Humanities, specialization Philology, is reflected in the research directions of the Doctoral School of Philological Studies, within two main study modules: The Literary Module and the Linguistic Module.

Research directions: Romanian Language and Literature, General Linguistics, Stylistics and Poetics, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Classical Languages and Literatures (Latin and Greek), Translation Studies, Comparative Literature, Ethnology and Folklore.


Professor Lăcrămioara PETRESCU, PhD – Director,

Daniela Otilia MARTA – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201052

The DSPSPS has a strong interdisciplinary character, open to the latest research in these areas, which can boast with great international achievements: participation in conferences and forums, publications, and numerous joint supervisions with prestigious universities from Europe. The strength of this PhD program lies in the diversity of its specializations: DSPSPS has four doctoral programs, namely, Philosophy, Sciences of Communication, Sociology, and Political Sciences. PhD students can chose a major or a minor field in the areas proposed by the department: Comparative Politics, International Relations, EU Policies and Institutions, History of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Religion, Semiotics, Ethics, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Philosophical Anthropology, Metaphysics, Axiology, Philosophy of Culture, Rhetoric and Argumentation Theory, Psycho-sociology, Sociology of Religions, Legal Sociology and Social Work on Vulnerable Groups, and many others.


Professor George BONDOR, PhD – Director, Tel.: +40 724 560 970

Liliana Cati LEAUA – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201054

The Doctoral School of Physics is one of the oldest in our university, dating from the beginning of 1920. The research results are well known in the scientific world of Physics, not only by publication in journals with high impact factors, but also by titles and diplomas  given to some of the members of our research groups by prestigious  universities and institutes from Europe and the United States. The great number of important research grants allowed the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment which constitutes the foundation for the PhD research. There are 5 directions of study: Plasma Physics, Polymer Physics, Optics and Spectroscopy; Biophysics and Medical Physics, Self-Organization; Physics of Advanced Materials, Nanotechnologies, Applied Physics; Modeling and Simulation; Theoretical Physics.


Professor Diana MARDARE, PhD – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201169

Livia IONESCU – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201050

In an ever competitive environment, characterized by increasing technological progress and adaptation to new, complex socio-professional realities, psychology research has the opportunity to distinguish itself and to become a competitive area.

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences has embraced the mission to train professionals actively involved in developing the Romanian and European society.

The Doctoral School of Psychology and Educational Sciences is a center of expertise and a skill multiplier in psychological and educational research. Promoters of international research standards, the members of the doctoral school aim at attracting skilled candidates with a clear image on their research future.


Professor Ticu CONSTANTIN, PhD – Director,, Tel.: +40 232 201292

Ionela Georgiana SIMINICEANU – Secretary, , Tel.: +40 232 201 028

Professor Beatrice ABĂLAȘEI – Director,, Tel.: +40 232201027

Simona AIRINEI – Secretary,, Tel.: +40 232201026

3 MT Competition UAIC

First developed by the University of Queensland in 2008, the Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT®) challenges research students to communicate the significance of their projects to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes.

The winner of the 3MT University finals held at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza University” of Iași on 9.03.2018 is Mr. Cristinel Munteanu, from the Doctoral School of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, with a research entitled JOHN DEWEY AND THE PROBLEM OF MEANING. FROM THE THEORY OF INQUIRY TO THE PREMISES OF AN INTEGRAL HERMENEUTICS.

The winner of the 3MT University finals held at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași on 10.03.2017 is Mrs. Elena Sabina Hodor (married Turnea), from the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration, with a research entitled CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF A TOTAL REWARD MODEL FOR ORGANIZATIONAL PRACTICE.