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11, Carol I Boulevard, Iaşi RO – 700506
Telephone: + 40 232 20 1058; 20 1158
Fax: + 40 232 20 1158
E-mail: drept@uaic.ro
Website: http://laws.uaic.ro

Dean: Associate Professor PhD Septimiu Vasile PANAINTE
Teaching staff: 36
Associate teaching staff: 63
Students: 1 952
Undergraduate ECTS Study Guide
Master ECTS Study Guide

Center for European Studies


  • Department of Law

 Bachelor’s Degree (8 semesters)

  • Law
    • Law

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Law
    • European Law
    • European Law (Balti, Republic of Moldova)
    • Business Law
    • Crime Sciences
    • Criminal Law
  • Economics and International Affairs (Center for European Studies)
    • European Studies
    • Regional Development
  •  Mathematics  (Center for European Studies)
    • Risk Theory and Applications (in English)
  • International relations and European studies  (Center for European Studies)
    • European studies and eastern neighbourhood of the European Union

Doctoral School:

  • Criminal Law
  • Processual Criminal Law
  • International Commerce Law

About the faculty

The Faculty of Law is the first Moldavian juridical faculty, having begun its existence in 1830 with a first law course in Romanian language held by the state Legal advisor, Christian Flechtenmacher.

In 1860 the Faculty of Law was the first to function with all the three academic years and with the greatest number of teachers. The Faculty justified its existence by its interest on forming and developing a new juridical conscience corresponding to the need of adapting the population to the developing social relations. After the 1989 Revolution the Faculty has involved in the democratization process that followed the Communist Regime.

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