The Board ensures the management of current activities and carries out the decisions of the Senate. It usually meets weekly and it is made up of:

Rector  Professor PhD Liviu-George MAHA


  • Associate Professor Ionuț NISTOR, PhD – Vice-Rector for academic affairs, lifelong learning and heritage;
  • Professor Romeo Iulian OLARIU, PhD – Vice-Rector for scientific research and development, innovation and knowledge transfer;
  • Professor Ioana Maria COSTEA, PhD – Vice-Rector for legal affairs, university funding and institutional development stategy;
  • Professor Nicoleta Laura POPA, PhD – Vice-Rector for international relations and academic and research partnerships;
  • Professor Adrian IFTENE, PhD – Vice-Rector for digitalisation, student and alumni affairs and the cooperation with the socio-economic stakeholders;
  • Professor Conțiu Tiberiu Cristi ȘOITU, PhD – Vice-Rector for human resources, quality management and cultural activities;
  • Associate Professor Lilian NIACȘU, PhD – Vice-Rector for teaching and research centres, university branches and secondary education.