Eastern European Perspectives

A not-to-be-missed new interpretative spin on a diversity-wise challenging area of study


This JASSY module is undoubtedly a good route to embark upon if you are in search of a unique learning experience, which begins with an overview of the oldest civilizations and cultures in Eastern Europe, and will continue with an analysis of the differences and the similarities that have created a heterogeneous political and cultural space, in which people and states have developed together. The journey continues with the discovery of Latin heritage of the easternmost Romance language spoken in Europe, uncovering the role of Romania as the EU member state in developing cooperation with its Eastern neighbours, the current challenges of democracies in Eastern Europe, and, last but not least, a challenge to reflect on what cultural identity and heritage mean in a digital world.
Boasting ample teaching and research backgrounds, your lecturers will ensure that you will get richer in learning by doing and will provide you with the conceptual tools necessary to interpret and understand an intriguing cultural and spatial territory.

The EEP module addresses students, graduates and professionals from all over the word who aim at acquiring a broad cultural, social and historical perspective on Eastern Europe.

Number of contact hours: 40

Assessment method(s): Oral exam / poster presentation

Contact (module coordinator): Lecturer dr. Cristina Preutu (cristina.preutu@uaic.ro)


Lectures (L)

  • Romanians in the Path of Adversity: Moments in History and Identitary Issues
  • Territorial Disputes in Eastern Europe in the First Half of the 20th Century
  • Romanian, a Romance Language at the Gates of the Orient
  • Current Challenges of the European Union
  • Challenges of Democracies in Eastern Europe. Political Behaviours, Institutions and Culture
  •  Minority rights in Romania and in its Neighbouring States. Recent Developments
  • Building Institutions for Economic Development in Post-Communism
  • Demographical Trends in Eastern European Countries
  • Romanian Folklore Explained: Traditional Beliefs, Music, Dress and Food
  • Onomastics, Ethnography and Folklore in the Romanian Culture
  • Romanian Literature /vs/ European Literature: Roots, Interferences and History

Workshops (W) and field actvities (FA)

  • The Great Chalcolithic Civilizations of the South-Eastern “Old Europe”: Settlements, Discoveries and Social Complexity (FA)
  • Identity and Legacy in a Digital World (W)
  • Iasi: Pilgrimage, Interpretation of Orthodox Rituals, Architecture and Iconography (FA)