Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, through the Department of English, offers an English language course for candidates covering levels A2 and B1, in the period 7 July – 15 August 2014. Eligible candidates should have at least an A1 level.

The course is divided into two modules, each of 90 hours (3 weeks),  and concludes with an end-of-course test. All participants will receive a certificate of participation and one of attainment  at the end of each module.  Classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced TEFL teachers who use the latest methods and methodologies in the field.

Both modules are designed to offer students an integrated approach to language learning, to help them make progress with all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Materials are targeted at age-group learning and comprise in- class, individual study and multimedia sections.

The participation fee is 1000 euro, covering accommodation, meals and the course materials. The fee will be paid upon arrival.

Off class, the students will have the possibility to discover the attractions and the uniqueness of a dynamic, multicultural, lively city, one of the biggest in Romania.

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