Finance and Risk Management

Your valuable A-Z two-week guide into the fundamentals of financial analysis and valuation.


Come and join the 2-week module Finance and Risk Management offered by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, within JASSY Summer School.

This course pack is addressed to students and graduates interested in a general understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of the financial decisions of firms and how to use these to answer questions of business strategy. Participants will gain the know-how of creating and using a financial model in Excel to evaluate the investment and financing decisions of a business, in accordance with the requirements of the world-leading certifications for finance and accounting.

Number of contact hours: 40

Assessment method: Written examination; individual and group reports

Contact (module coordinator): Assoc.Prof.dr. Silviu Ursu (


Lectures(L) and workshops(W)

  • Finance for a Business: an introduction (L)
  • Capital Investments (L)
  • Cost of Capital (L)
  • Capital Structure (L)
  • Working Capital & Liquidity (L)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (W)
  • Financial Modeling (W)


  • Case study and team projects
  • Workshops with practitioners