Hard Sciences unveiled – an Interdisciplinary Tour

An epic way of exploring the wondrous anatomy of Science


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași offers this module to students from all over the world, who share an interest and passion for science and technology. This course pack is designed to enrich your theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in Hard Sciences, to broaden and improve your experimental skills, data processing and reporting capacity. You will be able to tap into a variety of topics, such as: artificial intelligence models and machine learning, mathematics, biophysics, numerical simulations in physics, environmental and materials chemistry, as well your very own first-hand experience in fast imaging, sky map reading or bird-watching.

Number of contact hours: 40

Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Contact (module coordinator): Lecturer dr. Ionut Topala (ionut.topala@uaic.ro)


Lectures(L) and workshops(W)

  • Numerical simulations in physics (L)
  • High energy particle physics (L)
  • Fast imaging of plasmas (W)
  • Chaos and self-organization (L)
  • Mathematical models in Life Sciences (L)
  • Applications of Probability Theory (L)
  • Astronomy & sky map reading (L + W)
  • Introduction to cryptography (W)
  • Basic mathematical structures used in cryptography (L)
  • Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games (L)
  • Real Artificial Intelligence: expectations and limits (L)
  • A hands-on experience in machine learning (W)
  • Unveiling the atmosphere’s concealed culprits: the nanoparticles (L)
  • Titanium dioxide, TiO2: an old, versatile and amazing oxide (L)
  • Romanian ornithology (L)
  • Romanian herbalism: between the magical and the mundane (L)
  • The flora and fauna of the Iasi Botanical Garden (FA)