JASSY Modules: Overall Structure

The JASSY Summer School offers six different interdisciplinary modules

JASSY dates: 4 – 15 July 2022

Number of ECTS credits for each module: 6

Maximum number of students for each module: 30

Language of instruction: English

Teaching methods:  

  • Lectures (L)
  • Workshops (W)
  • Practical activities (PA)
  • Virtual field activities (FA) 

Each module consists of both compulsory and optional activities.

During the afternoons, JASSY students, irrespective of the chosen module, are welcome to participate in the following informal activities: 

  • Guided tour of the University Palace
  • Guided tour of the city of Iași
  • Visit of heritage buildings
  • Introduction to kayaking
  • Wine tasting techniques
  • Guided visit of the Palace of Culture
  • Outdoor active tour
  • Birdwatching, visit of Iasi Botanical Garden
  • Trip to the cultural region surrounding Iasi