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Prestige, Innovation, Excellence


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. Since 1860, the university has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research. With over 23.000 students and 742 academic staff, the university enjoys high prestige at national and international level and cooperates with  403 universities world-wide. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University is a member of some of the most important university networks and associations: the Coimbra GroupEUA – European University AssociationUtrecht NetworkInternational Association of UniversitiesUniversity Agency of Francophony and the Network of Francophone Universities (RUFAC). These partnerships offer us the opportunity to experience changes, to have student and teacher mobilities and joint academic, research and strategy programmes.


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University became the first student-centered university in Romania, once the Bologna Process was implemented. We believe in the power of individual choice and customized education. Thus, we became the first Romanian university to offer students the opportunity to choose both a major and a minor field of study, in a combination at their choice, that best suits their career goals.


Research at our university is top level. In 2008, for the third year in a row, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University was placed first in the national research ranking compiled on the basis of Shanghai criteria. Our teachers are involved in over 187 national and international research projects. Striving for excellence, the university takes unique initiatives to stimulate research quality, to encourage dynamic and creative education and to involve its best students in academic life.

University facts and figures

Academic Year 2017-2018

Total number of students:  23 124:

  • Bachelor studies (full time and distance learning): 17 196
  • Master studies (full time and distance learning): 5  078
  • Doctoral studies (full time and distance learning): 850

Total number of students, distributed on faculties:

  • Biology: 762
  • Chemistry: 280
  • Law and  Center for European Studies: 1 952
  • Economy and Business Administration: 7 129
  • Sports: 711
  • Philosophy: 2 130
  • Physics: 483
  • Geography and Geology: 1 361
  • Computer Science: 1 579
  • History: 626
  • Letters: 2 152
  • Mathematics: 455
  • Psychology and Education Sciences:  2 420
  • Orthodox Theology: 951
  • Roman-Catholic Theology: 133

Teaching staff: 742

International Cooperation

Academic year 2017-2018

  • Bilateral agreements Erasmus: 773
  • Foreign Erasmus Students: 235
  • Romanian Erasmus students: 326
  • Romanian Erasmus trainees: 347
  • Romanian teaching staff: 159
  • Romanian staff trainees: 108

 Research projects

  • National Projects PN II and PN III – 104
  • International Projects: 45, distributed as follows:

    • FP7, H2020, others – 8
    • COST actions – 22
    • DUBNA research topics – 15
  • POC, AP1, 1.2.3. Action – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – 1
  • UAIC grants – 28
  • Third parties contracts – 9

15 Student hostels