Executive director: Crina SANDU


Phone: 0232 20 1769

Address: Bd. Carol I, Nr.11, 700506, Iași, România;



If you are an UAIC alumnus, you can stay in touch with the University and your colleagues through the Alumni Foundation.

In order to become a member, all you have to do is access the official website of the Foundation:

No registration fees or subscriptions are required.

The Alumni Foundation offers its members:

• A website for all the UAIC alumni;

• Newsletter;

• Alumni clubs;

• Support in organizing festive courses and anniversary reunions;

• The possibility to hold the festive course in Mihai Eminescu Aula Magna;

• Job offers and recruitment;

• The possibility to participate at meetings, projects, symposia and events.

The Alumni – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași Foundation invites you to become a member of its community and an ambassador of UAIC in the world. Thus, you’ll stay connected to University’s activities by getting invitations to conferences, seminars and special events, keeping in contact with your professors and colleagues and becoming a key person or mentor for future generations.