Faculty of Biology

  • Biology
    • Biodiversity and ecosystem productivity
    • Microbial and cell biotechnology
    • Molecular genetics
    • Bioprocedures in food industy
    • Bioanthropology
    • Developmental biology
  • Environment Sciences
    • Environmental counseling
    • Ecological education for sustainable development

Faculty of  Chemistry

  • Environmental Chemistry and Food Safety
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Applied Coordination Chemistry
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dynamics of Chemical Systems applied to Environmental Chemistry
  • Teaching Chemistry

Faculty of Law

  • European Law
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Specialized master programmes

  • Finance and risk management (Double Degree Master Programme with University of Groningen, Netherlands) Acquisitions-Distribution-Logistics (Double diploma with Université Pierre Mendès France Grenoble, France)
  • Public Administration
  • International Affairs and Intercultural Strategies
  • Marketing Analysis and Strategy
  • Banks and Financial Markets
  • Accounting, Expertise and Audit
  • Economics and International Affairs
  • Economics and Business Law
  • Finances – Assurances
  • Management and Human Resource Development
  • Intercultural Management
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • Organization Management
  • Tourist and Hotel Management
  • Marketing and Busioness Communication
  • Quantity Methods in Economics
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Business Information Systems
  • Statistics and Actuarial Affairs in Insurances and Health (Double diploma with Université de Poitiers, France)
  • Statistics and Econometry

Complementary master programmes

  • Business Administration
    • Business Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Food and Environment Business Management
    • Commerce Management
    • Project Management
    • Tourism Management
  • Cybernetics and Economical Informatics
    • Business Information Systems
    • Data mining
  • Accounting
    • Business Accounting
    • Accounting, Audit and Administration Control
  • Economics and International Affairs
    • International Affairs
  • Finances
    • Insuarances and Re-insuarances
    • Financial-Banking Administration
    • Financial Administration and Audit in Public Institutions
  • Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Quality Management
  • Marketing
    • Negociations – Public Relations
  • Administration Sciences
    • European Finances and Public Administration
    • Modern Governing and Local Development

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

  • Management and Marketing in Sports
  • Fitness and Corporal Aestetics
  • Leisure Sport Activities and Extreme Sports
  • Kinetic Therapy in Sport Traumatolog
  • Kinetic Therapy in Sport Traumatolog (Chișinău)

Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences

  • Social Work
    • The family and the management of family resources
    • European master of children`s rights protection
    • Social planning and supervising
    • Probation, mediation and social work with crime victims
  • Political Science
    • Public politics and institutional management
    • European studies in integration and security
    • Political marketing and communication
  • Sociology
    • Communitarian security and violence control
  • Philosophy
    • Applied philosophy and cultural management
  • Communication Sciences
    • Public relations and advertising

Faculty of Physics

  • Plasma Physics, Spectroscopy and Self-organisation
  • Biophysics and Medical Physics
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Advanced Materials. Nanotechnology
  • Physical Methods Applied to Kinetotherapy and Medical Recovery
  • Physics and Environmental Protection
  • Teaching Physics

Faculty of Geography and Geology

  • Geography
    • Tourism and Sustainable Development
    • Management of Natural Risk Areas
  • Environmental Sciences
    • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Geology
    • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Geological Engineering*
    • Exploration and Environmental Geology

Faculty of Computer Science

  • Software Engineering (also taught in English)
  • Distributed Systems (also taught in English)
  • Information Security (also taught in English)
  • Computational Optimization (also taught in English)
  • Computational Linguistics (also taught in English)

Faculty of History

  • Archeology, Ancient Art and Civilisation
  • Museology and Restoration
  • Aegeo-Mediterranean Studies
  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism
  • Jewish History and Hebew Studies
  • History of Communism in Romania
  • Institutions and Ideologies of the Power in Europe
  • International Relations, Institutions and Organizations

Faculty of Letters

  • Language and Literature
    • Romanian General Linguistics
    • Romanian Language, Literature and Civilisation
    • Romanian Literature and Literary Hermeneutics
    • World and Comparative Literature
    • American Studies
    • Applied Linguistics – Teaching EFL
    • Francophone Studies
    • Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Education
    • German Culture in European Context
    • Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations
    • Translation and Terminology
  • Communication Sciences
    • Techniques of Editorial Production in the Printed, Audiovisual and Multimedia Press

Faculty of Mathematics

  • Fundamental Mathematical Structures
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Scientific Calculus and Software Engineering
  • Mathematical Models and Applied Statistics
  • Teaching Mathematics

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

  • Diagnosis and Intervention for Persons with Special Needs
  • Staff Evaluation, Training and Psychological Counseling
  • Adult Education Management
  • Negotiating Conflicts in Education
  • Education Policies and Management
  • Psychology of Conflict Negotiation
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Intercultural Relations and Strategies
  • Human Relations and Communication
  • Couple and Family Therapy

Faculty of Orthodox Theology

  • Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology
  • Systematic Theology in Contemporary Context
  • Church Life – History and Present
  • Practical and Pastoral – Missionary Theology
  • Theology – Cultural Heritage

Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology

  • Strategies of Christian Charity
  • Practical and  Missionary Roman-Catholic Theology

Center for European Studies

  • European Studies
  • Regional Development

Academic Programmes taught in English and French