Secretary: Silvia-Maria CARP
Address: Lascăr Catargi no. 54, 700107, Iaşi
Phone: 0232 201 102, internal 2352

Department Presentation

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department was created by the decision of the Senate of the University ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ of Iași (UAIC) no. 3 from 19.07.2007.
The research activity within the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department is conducted according to the University strategy, focusing on research activities based on the following fields: 1. Humanities and 2. Social Sciences.

Department Council

Director: CS II dr. Aurelian Petruș PLOPEANU
Members of Department Council:

  • CS II dr. Aurelian Petruș PLOPEANU
  • CS II dr. Ana-Maria GÎNSAC
  • CS II dr. Camelia GRĂDINARU
  • CS II dr. Valentina Diana RUSU
  • CS III dr. Laura PRICOP
  • CS III dr. Emanuel GROSU

Yearly Reports



Research Projects

The Department of Interdisciplinary Research – Humanities and Social Sciences carries out scientific research activities (collective and individual projects)

 Current collective research projects

Center for Biblical and Philological Studies ,,Monumenta linguae Dacoromanorum”

The Center for Biblical and Philological Studies ,,Monumenta linguae Dacoromanorum” (MLD) sets itself the task of undertaking major research projects, which can be carried out only by groups of specialists dedicated first and foremost to research. With its main objectives, the research of biblical tradition and the development of new generations of researchers, the Center’s activity subscribes to two of the European Union’s general directives, which aim, on one hand, for the development of the young generations of researchers and, on the other hand, at the conservation and valorization of local cultural traditions.
The main goal of the Center is, at the current moment, to continue and finish the series Monumenta linguae Dacoromanorum – Bible 1688. For further development, at the same time with accomplishing the main goal, the editing of the 1688 Bible, the Center is carrying out operations of conception, projection and documentation for the future undertaking of other major research projects on Romanian biblical tradition.
Project Director: Prof. univ. dr. Eugen Munteanu
Permanent Center employees:

  • Scientific Researcher III Maria Moruz
  • Scientific Researcher III Ana Maria Gînsac
  • Scientific Researcher III Mădălina Ungureanu
  • Scientific Researcher Ana Veronica Catană-Spenchiu
  • Research Assistant Iosif Camară

Contract collaborator from the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”: Prof. univ. dr. Eugen Munteanu

Eminescu’s poetic language

Devised as fundamental working tool, with the purpose of providing those interested with an adequate, modern and complex way of entering the deep layers of Eminescu’s work, Dicționarul Limbajului Poetic Eminescian (DLPE) has, according to the vision of its initiator, prof. univ. dr. Dumitru Irimia, two complementary components, namely Dicţionarul de concordanţe and Dicţionarul de semne şi sensuri poetice.
Each of the two components of DLPE are at different stages of their development. Until now, there have been published four editorial series of ‘DLPE. Concordanţe’, while two volumes of ‘DLPE. Semne şi sensuri poetice’ have also been published.
Coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. Lăcrămioara Petrescu
Permanent employee of the project:

  • Scientific Researcher III Elena Roxana Patraş

The TRADITIO Center for Translation and Editing

The “Traditio” Center aims to recover and outline the current relevance of early modern cultural traditions through a rich and comprehensive programme of Greek and Latin text translations and by the bilingual editing, at an academic level, of these translations. Also, the “Traditio” Center aims to write articles, studies and monographies applied to ancient and medieval texts, thus aiming to connect local research to the international academic environment, with solid traditions in the field. Editions in development: Vulgata, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Epicurus, Cicero.
Coordinator: Conf. univ. dr. Adrian Muraru
Permanent employees of the Center:

  • Research Assistant Emanuel Grosu
  • Research Assistant Constantin Răchită

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Religion, Philosophy and Science

Project coordinator: Prof. dr. Gheorghe Popa
Collaborators from the ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University:

  • Prof. univ. dr. Nicu Gavriluţă
  • Prof. univ. dr. Anton Carpinschi
  • Prof. univ. dr. Ion Dafinoiu
  • Prof. univ. dr. Constantin Cucoş
  • Prof. univ. dr. Gelu Bourceanu
  • Prof. univ. dr. Pr. Gheorghe Petraru
  • Conf. univ. dr. Dan Chiţoiu
  • Lect. univ. dr. George Bondor
  • Asist. univ. dr. Emilian Roman
  • Researcher dr. Liviu Petcu

MEDIAEC Platform


 Finished collective research projects

AMPER – AMPRom Project (2010 – 2014)

The Project ,,Atlasul Multimedia Prozodic Român” (AMPRom), initiated in 2007, aimed to develop the first prosodic atlas which supplements the representation of the geolinguistic structure of the Romanian language provided by Atlasul Lingvistic Român (ALR, NALR) with data from the field of prosodie and, in particular, of intonation. Applying, with some innovations of its own, the methodology developed by the Romanic „Atlas Multimédia Prozodique de l’Espace Roman” (AMPER), AMPRom is a linguistic atlas of the latest generation, combining the research methods of geolinguistic with acoustic remaking of the data and its presentation with the help of computer science techniques.
Project Director: Prof. univ. dr. Adrian Turculeţ

  • Scientific Researcher Mihaela Mocanu
  • Scientific Researcher Anca Diana Bibiri
  • Scientific Researcher Andreea Mironescu
  • Research Assistant Alina Bursuc



Project Dicţionare & Enciclopedii (2009-2012)

The Project “Dicţionare & Enciclopedii” assumed the task of creating an “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University’s own collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias by:

  • managing individual and collective initiative from the university or those of other national or international universities;
  • developing projects of thematic dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Project Director: Prof. univ. dr. Laurenţiu ŞOITU
Project Members:

  • Scientific Researcher III Oana Beldianu
  • Scientific Researcher III Christian Tămaș
  • Scientific Researcher Mihaela Mocanu
  • Research assistant Alina Mihaela Bursuc

 Individual research projects

  • Scientific Researcher III Andrei Andreia Gabriela – Subject: Strategy, image and communication in product marketing and organizational branding. The impact of consumer’s perceptions
  • Scientific Researcher III Boldureanu Gabriela – Subject: Enterprise education and the creation of new enterprises in knowledge-based society
  • Scientific Researcher III Mitroiu Simona -Subject: Recuperative memory (application: specialized literature from Romania)
  • Scientific Researcher III Plopeanu Aurelian Petruş – Subject:  Analyzing the determinants of economic growth. Does religion really matter?
  • Scientific Researcher III Tămaş Christian – Subject: The fundamentals and the development of economic thought in Islam
  • Scientific Researcher Bibiri Anca Diana – Subject: Diastratic variation of intonation in Transylvanian idioms
  • Scientific Researcher Grădinaru Camelia -Subject: New Media and philosophical presuppositions. Practices, methods and concepts of digital culture
  • Scientific Researcher Mironescu Andreea -Subject:  Negotiations of cultural memory in the literary discourse of the transition period in Romania (1990-2007)
  • Scientific Researcher Mocanu Mihaela – Subject: Pragma-semantic valences of the euphemism in public discourse (applied to political, religious and journalistic discourses)
  • Scientific Researcher Sălăvăstru Andrei Constantin -Subject: The concept of body politic in Renaissance France and England
  • Research Assistant Jeler Ciprian – Subject: Philosophical perspectives on the theory of evolution
  • Research Assistant Pricop Laura -Subject: Ethical Assumption of Deliberative Process and Communicative Reason