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Dean: Professor PhD Beatrice Aurelia ABĂLAȘEI

Teaching staff
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  • Department of Physical Education and Sports


Bachelor’s Degree (6 semesters)

  • Physical Education and Sports
    • Sport and Physical Education
    • Sports  and motor performance
  • Kinetic Therapy
    • Kinetic Therapy and Special Motricity

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Physical Education and Sports Science
    • Fitness and Corporal Aesthetics
    • Leisure Sport Activities and Extreme Sports
    • Kinetic Therapy in Sport Traumatology
    • Kinetic Therapy in Sport Traumatology (Chișinău, Republic of Moldova)
    • Sports and Physical Education in Schools

Doctoral School

  • Physical Education and Sports Science (4 semesters)

Undergraduate ECTS Study Guide
Master ECTS Study Guide

 About the faculty

A relatively new faculty, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, was founded in 1960. Since then, excepting the final years of the communist regime, the Faculty has prepared generations of successful specialists in the field of human motricity.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is constantly concerned to update the curricula, the programmes and the fields of study, and has an interdisciplinary educational offer and a wide activity in the field of research and development. The faculty is characterized by a pro-active organizational behaviour, which transforms it into a prestigious local, regional and national centre known for its professional competence and authority.

The academic staff takes pride in having won many prizes at national and European Championships and is recognised  for its scientific achievements (grants, nationally recognized bibliographic resources, awards at invention fairs). Every year the students take part in National University Championships in all the sport disciplines and have outstanding  results. Over the years, more than 20 European and world champions and over 50 national medal winners were students  at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.

The Faculty’s development directions include the following: creating a service portfolio focused on developing educational programmes of Continuous Professional Training, specialized professional counselling and assistance and programs of applied research, which meet the needs of the students, of the business community, of the Administration and Community partners. Other aims also include: developing an efficient management, making the best use of the Faculty’s sports facilities, creating modular continuous training programmes that correlate the curriculum with the labour market, and sustainable educational and professional partnerships with international partners.

Modern equipment for seasonal sporting activities is available at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (recreational kayaks, windsurfing, kite-surf, alpine equipment) used for the following disciplines: tourism, touristic orientation, skiing, swimming and paddling expeditions.

The students can use the following facilities: specific fitness equipment, two appropriately equipped gyms, weightlifting and bodybuilding gyms, two rooms for sports games, outdoor basketball courts with synthetic grass, appropriate nocturnal lighting equipment and enclosure, a mini stadium with a 200-meter runway, a mini-football field, throwing and jumping sectors, a handball-football court, a basketball court and a volleyball court. Students can become members of the qwanki do, gymnastics, Shotokan, capoeira, fitness and aerobic students’ groups in order to benefit by a large range of activities, workshops and introductory practical lessons in various sports disciplines.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport has partnerships with universities from France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Moldova, Italy, Holland, Germany within the European Erasmus+ Programs and collaborates with all the faculties of Physical Education and Sport in Romania.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport provides its students with knowledge, practical abilities and interdisciplinary competences which subsequently secure them employment opportunities on the labour market, depending on their creativity and personal development. Prospective careers include jobs such as: kinetotherapist, Physical Education teacher, sports trainer, fitness and aerobic trainer, monitor teacher in children, teenagers and adults camps, coach, sports youth worker, Sports Guide, free-time monitor teacher and social-educational youth worker.

The faculty’s vision is infused with the desire to prepare prospective specialists who can easily adapt to the special dynamics of the sports field. We aim to achieve excellence and success in providing commercial and educational sport services.

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