Susținerea competitivității în cercetare-dezvoltare și inovare prin dezvoltarea capacității instituționale a Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași



OS1.A1. Acordare de sprijin financiar pentru publicarea de articole în reviste indexate Web of Science și Art & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI) pentru domeniile Științe sociale și umaniste

Lista persoanelor care au solicitat finanțare pentru publicare articole științifice:

– Etapa II a proiectului – 

Nr. crt. Depunere dosar Nr. de înregistrare Facultatea Solicitant Lucrarea științifică Revista Științifică Admis/Respins
1. 11.05.2022 UAIC nr.  8537/11.05.2022 ICI-CERNESIM Prof. dr. habil. Olariu Romeo-Iulian Assessment of the Anthropogenic impact and distribution of potentially toxic and rare earth elements in lake sediments from north-eastern Romania Toxics Admis
2. 31.05.2022 UAIC nr. 9949/31.05.2022 ICI-Centrul ARHEOINVEST CS III dr. Mihu-Pintilie Alin Eco-cultural niche breadth and overlap within the Cucuteni–Trypillia Culture groups during the Eneolithic Frontiers in Earth Science Admis
3. 02.06.2022 UAIC nr. 10066/02.06.2022 Economie și Administrarea Afacerilor Prof.univ.dr. Jemna Vasile-Dănuț Physical activity and healthcare utilization in France: Evidence from the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) 2014 BMC Public Health Admis
4. 02.06.2022 UAIC nr. 10072/02.06.2022 SCADEA CS dr. Burducea Marian Assessment of the Fertilization Capacity of the Aquaculture Sediment for Wheat Grass as Sustainable Alternative Use PLANTS-BASEL Admis
5. 08.06.2022 UAIC nr. 10634/08.06.2022 Biologie  Prof. univ. dr. habil. Gorgan Dragos Lucian Prognostic Value of Association of Copy Number Alterations and Cell-Surface Expression Markers in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients International Journal of Molecular Sciences Admis
7. 13.07.2022 UAIC nr.
Geografie și Geologie Conf. univ. dr. habil. Apopei Andrei Ionuț The effect of Mn-substitution in natural sphalerites by means of Raman spectroscopy: a case study of the Săcărâmb Au-Ag-Te ore deposit, Apuseni Mountains, România Minerals Admis
8 19.07.2022 UAIC nr.
Teologie Ortodoxă Prof. univ. dr. MELNICIUC PUICĂ Nicoleta Comparative Computational and Spectral Study of Some p-R1-1,2,4-triazol-1-ium-4-R2-phenacylids in Dimethylformamide and in Vacuum SYMMETRY Admis
9 22.07.2022 UAIC nr.
ICI UAIC – Centrul Arheoinvest CS II dr. TENCARIU Felix-Adrian Science revealing ancient magic: phytolith evidence from the Early Chalcolithic site of Isaiia (Eastern Romania) Biology Evaluare
10 25.07.2022 UAIC nr.
ICI UAIC – Centrul Arheoinvest CS II dr. MOCANU Mihaela Determining factors of participation and success rates in research funding competitions: Case study Plos One Evaluare
11 25.07.2022 UAIC nr.
Chimie Prof. univ. dr MANGALAGIU Ionel Synthesis of Homodrimane Sesquiterpenoids Bearing 1,3-Benzothiazole Unit and Their  Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation Molecules Evaluare
12. 08.07.2022 UAIC nr.
Biologie Conf. univ. dr. Popovici Ovidiu Alin Revision of the Palearctic species of Fidiobia Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea) Journal of Hymenoptera  Research  
13. 05.05.2022 UAIC nr. 7986/05.05.2022 Facultatea de Geografie și Geologie Conf. dr. SFÎCĂ Lucian The continental and regional synoptic background favorable for hailstorm occurrence in North-Eastern Romania Progress in Physical geography: Earth and Environment Retras

– Etapa I a proiectului – 

Nr. crt.

Nr. de înregistrare



Lucrarea științifică

Revista Științifică



UAIC nr. 768/14.01.2022

ICI UAIC – Departamentul Științe

CS III dr. Brînză Țepeș Loredana

Surface covaerage simulation and 3D plotting of main process parameters for molybdenum and vanadium adsorption onto ferrihydrite




UAIC nr. 1234/25.01.2022


CS III dr. ing. Gheorghiu Felicia

Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of 3 Ba-doped BiFeO3 thin films




UAIC nr. 1478/31.01.2022

Facultatea de Filozofie și Științe Social-Politice

Prof. dr. Gavriluță Nicu

Sustainability and employability in the time of COVID-19. Youth, education and entrepreunarship in EU countries




UAIC nr. 1615/01.02.2022

Facultatea de Economie și Administrarea Afacerilor

Conf. dr. Stoian Iuliana Claudia

COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the usage of information technologies in the construction industry: the case of Romania




UAIC nr. 1866/04.02.2022

Facultatea de Economie și Administrarea Afacerilor

Lect. dr. Lupu Dan

COVID-19 and the efficiency of health systems in Europe

Health Economics Review



UAIC nr. 3757/04.03.2022

Facultatea de Chimie

Conf. dr. Zbancioc Gheorghiță

Novel design of neuropeptide-based drugs with ß-sheet breaking potential in amyloid-beta cascade: Molecular and structural deciphers

International Journal of Molecular Sciences



UAIC nr. 1616/01.02.2022

Facultatea de Educație Fizică și Sport

Asist.univ.dr. Stegariu Vlad-Ionuț

A study on the correlation between intelligence and body 2 schema in children who practice chess at school


Lista de rezervă


UAIC nr.1687/02.02.2022

ICI- Departamentul de Științe Socio Umane

CS II dr. Mocanu Mihaela

Determining factors of participation and succes rates in research funding competitions: Case study

Plos One

Lista de rezervă


UAIC  nr. 3902/07.03.2022

Facultatea de Chimie

Prof.dr. Humelnicu Doina

Study on the SBA-15 nad ETS-10 titanosilicate as afficient adsorbents for Cu(II) removal from aqueous solution



UAIC  nr.  4801/18.03.2022

Facultatea de Biologie

CS I Ciobica Alin Stelian

Post-concussion syndrome and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Narrative review on the neuropathology, neuroimaging and fluid biomarkers



UAIC  nr.  7988/05.05.2022

Facultatea de Filozofie si Stiinte Social-Politice

Conf. dr. Stefanachi Bogdan

Mapping sustainability across the world. Signs, challenges and opportunities for democratic countries



UAIC  nr.  8029/06.05.2022

Facultatea de Psihologie si Stiinte ale Educatiei

Prof.dr. Holman Andrei Corneliu

A person-centered approach to moralization-the case of vaping

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health