EC2U Virtual Institute for Good Health and Well-being

The EC2U GLADE Virtual Institute will develop specific approaches in education, research, innovation and service transfer to the community in the long run.

GLADE will be the headquarters for:

  • EC2U GLADE Literacy LAB and education for all in the area of good health and wellbeing;
  • EC2U GLADE Transformative Research HUB;
  • EC2U GLADE Management Service for a Healthy Campus and Online peer counselling LAB for students.
  • LIFELINE master programme

The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education- and research-led, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union: the University of Coimbra (Portugal), Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (Romania), the University of Jena (Germany), the University of Pavia (Italy), the University of Poitiers (France-Coordinator), the University of Salamanca (Spain) and the University of Turku (Finland).

It represents a community of 160 000 students and 20 000 staff, in direct reach to more than 1 600 000 citizens.

The Alliance’s ambition is to develop an innovative space allowing mobility to flow freely between the seven universities and associated cities. This model of openness will contribute to overcome clichéd views of regional and national identities and achieve a united and stronger Europe.

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Through the EC2U GLADE Literacy LAB activities, we will develop the contexts and curricula of training for prevention in health and promotion of well-being for all in the universities and in the cities.

The curricula will be framed around: 

  • preventive approaches in health (meanings, forms, expectations, resources, results);
  • social determinants of health (endogenous and exogenous factors, individual and social),  
  • meanings, forms and practices of well-being (physical, mental, social, emotional, workplace, societal), 
  • a healthy and active lifestyle and ageing process.

By means of the EC2U GLADE transformative research HUB, we will produce: studies, guidelines, public papers and policy papers on Good Health and Well Being, starting from exploratory and transformative research.

The participants will form flexible and mixed teams consisting of: Master students in Good Health and Well Being, PH.D. students in areas of Good Health and Well Being and related areas, Postgraduates, early career investigators, research and teaching staff, administrative staff from universities, academia and public authorities.

The aim of the GLADE Service for a Healthy Campus Management is to promote a healthy climate in the 7 universities, a healthy lifestyle among employee, stress management and a good motivation for academic performance of students.

The online GLADE counseling lab for students of all ages will be framed around existing counseling services for students at the EC2U partners, with two components:

– Trainings of staff (existing specialists in actual Counseling services) for a continuously improving approach of Good Health and Well Being

–  Training of students in order to offer peer counseling. The services will be addressed mainly to students during their international mobility in the EC2U universities.

–  A hackathon for co-creating intergenerational and intercultural innovations for a healthy university and well-being campuses in the cities will be held during the first summer school.



The professional Master’s programme in Lifelong Well-Being and Healthy Ageing aims to form the knowledge, skills, responsibilities and autonomy, professional competences necessary to the specialists in the field of social work and of interdisciplinary approaches concerning lifelong well-being and healthy ageing.

The programme is anchored in an interdisciplinary learning environment and meets the specific requirements and necessities of the labour market concerning the field of social work and of interdisciplinary approaches of social work, health, welfare, lifelong well-being and healthy ageing.


  • Interdisciplinary approaches of Lifelong Well-Being and Healthy Ageing
  • Multiple Diplomas from EC2U Universities
  • Possibility of studying two semesters abroad
  • Master thesis in cotutelle
  • Personalized lego-like curriculum

Mobility Scheme: